Growing up, I'd spend hours plopped down on the living room floor -- painting, drawing, mini-diorama- sculpture- comic book-making with whatever materials were available. In recent years, I've discovered the joy of combining my lifelong interest in visual art with my love of music. With a very kid-like zeal, I started making videos for my own songs, which soon expanded to making videos for others. These days, I alternate between the living room floor and the kitchen table, but the materials haven't really changed much: cardboard, watercolor, pencil, markers, lined yellow notebook paper, and (sometimes) glitter. Below is a sampling of videos I've made for myself and others…

Lyric videos can be an effective and affordable way to help spread the word about your project - if you have a song or other project and you are in need of a video, I'd love to help! Contact me here for more info.

"Rabbit Hole" by Lisa Bastoni. Ink and watercolor on paper, 2017.

"All My Heroes Are Ghosts" by Danielle M and Glory Junkies. Mixed media on cardboard, 2017.

“Light Followed Darkness” by Craig Markcrow. Acrylic on cardboard, 2019.

“About Enough” by Karyn Oliver. Pen and marker on vellum, 2019.

"Off We Go" by Alastair Moock. Acrylic on cardboard, 2017.

“Home” by Three at Home. Oil pastel on paper, 2018.

Construction paper and marker stop-motion animation for "Remember Me."

Book trailer for How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive by Christopher Boucher (Melville House). Pen and ink, stop-motion animation, 2011.

Beans and glue stop-motion animation promo video for "Wichita."

Watercolor album song sampler for The Wishing Hour.