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Red Line Roots (September 24, 2019)

Singled Out: Lisa Bastoni’s “Dogs of New Orleans” (FEATURE)

Slow and steady wins and “Dogs of New Orleans” off of Bastoni’s brand new release is a tried and true indicator of such. There is a slight twang in her voice as “New Orleans” rolls of her tongue. Acoustic guitar driving the rhythm. The song moves along in a whispy puff of audible smoke. There is a beautiful melancholia to her delivery. The tune aches, it yearns. Its real and human and as she utters the final verse ‘Your tin roof trembles with the rain I know I can’t stay but I’m so glad I came‘ there is a resolution and just a hint of looking toward a bright future…and damn, that clarinet is a welcome woven texture that brings a slight upturned smile to my face as I close my eyes and listen in. (Read more)

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Americana-UK (September 23, 2019)

”Bright, attractive and wonderfully poetic” (ALBUM REVIEW)

Hailing from progressive Massachusetts, and labelled as ‘folk’ award-winning Bastoni, it seems, actually keeps her feet firmly rooted in traditional country music. Many of the tracks on this album, mostly a collection of break-up songs all written as her marriage was ending, would sit well on any elite female country/folk/blues artists album, including the one cover and the longest track on the album which is a beautiful, very secure version of Dylan’s ‘Workingman’s Blues #2′. (Read more)


The All Scene Eye (September 20, 2019)

Lisa Bastoni on Folk Covers and Feeling Alive Again (INTERVIEW)

After a ten-year hiatus, Lisa Bastoni returned to music in 2017 with the release of her album The Wishing Hour. Since then, the Boston singer-songwriter has taken steps toward new beginnings in her personal life as well.

Her latest album, How We Want to Live, follows the end of her marriage, taking a hard look at the difficult choices that lead to life’s moments of metamorphosis. In Bastoni’s characteristic folk lyricism–thoughtful and straightforward–it depicts her new reality as she reexamines familial relationships with the support of close friends and a community of musical collaborators. (Read more)

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 10.48.06 AM.png (September 20, 2019)

How We Want to Live (REVIEW)

How We Want To Live, the Massachusetts singer-songwriter’s fifth album is a collection of songs informed by an absent father and her recent divorce The former, who she’s not seen for eight years, is the subject of ‘Never Gone To You’ a simple organ backed, pulsing drumbeat number on which she’s joined on vocals by Rose Cousins where, contemplating their fractured relationship, she sings “there’s a time to let it go, he’s just a man with problems and it’s not your job to solve them”. But such is the natural bond that, reflecting that whoever’s fault the distance between them is, she concedes “maybe he’s gone but he’s never gone to you”.. (Read more)


Wide Open Country (September 19, 2019)

Lisa Bastoni’s "Nearby” Honors Effortless Love (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Singer-songwriter Lisa Bastoni returned to music in 2017 after a 10-year absence after inheriting her grandmother’s guitar and a bag full of handwritten cover songs. The result is Bastoni’s 10-song collection How We Want to Live (out on September 20). Today, Wide Open Country is premiering the video for “Nearby,” a song inspired by effortless love. The live performance, featuring co-writer Sean Staples on vocals and mandolin, was captured earlier this summer in Northampton, Massachusetts. (Read more)


Glide Magazine (September 19, 2019)

Lisa Bastoni Pens of Ambitious Aspirations Via ‘How We Want to Live” (ALBUM REVIEW)

“Her grandmother’s passing basically coincided with Bastoni’s return from her musical hiatus. Gifting the guitar to Lisa, turned out to be gift not only for Lisa, but for her listeners too with these expressive, well-crafted songs.” (Read more)


PopMatters (September 4, 2019)

Lisa Bastoni’s “Beautiful Girl” Champions Empathy (premiere)

Boston folk artist Lisa Bastoni wrote her empowering new single, "Beautiful Girl", for her daughter as a reminder that kindness can be a strength.Above all else, Lisa Bastoni's How We Want to Live details her journey in delving further into the life that she wants to lead. Releasing on 20 September, the album often interweaves this overarching theme with details on the singer-songwriter's relationships, whether they be romantic, friendly, or familial. Her latest single from the album, Bastoni's "Beautiful Girl" is an ode to her daughter and a message that champions empathy. The heartening folk song is an ever-present reminder that kindness can be a strength. It is also sweetly delivered in the form of a lyric video featuring paintings and animation by Bastoni, as well. (Read more)

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The Vinyl District (September 3, 2019)

Lisa Bastoni, The TVD First Date

“I grew up spending most afternoons at my grandparents’ house. They were commercial artists, and my grandmother was a hobby songwriter and guitar player, and a huge fan of folk music. When I was thirteen years old, she gave me a guitar and started teaching me some chords—that’s around the time we really started digging into her record collection.” (Read more)


Billboard Country (August 5, 2019)

Lisa Bastoni’s ‘Never Gone to You’: Exclusive

Writing new songs in the wake of a divorce for the upcoming How We Want to Live album led Lisa Bastoni to take a hard look at many of the relationships in her life. One of the more trying relationships was with her father, reflected in the track “Never Gone to You,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Aug. 5). (Read more)


The Bluegrass Situation (July 16, 2019)

Listen: Lisa Bastoni, “Walk a Little Closer” (Feat. Lula Wiles)

“One day a couple of winters ago, Sean Staples (How We Want to Live‘s producer) and I were writing at my kitchen table and he said, ‘Well, maybe they don’t all have to be devastating.’ Which I thought was an excellent point. It was refreshing to write something so lighthearted, just a simple bluegrass song that tells the story of a first date. The first time I played it out was at a little bar in Cambridge, with Isa Burke on fiddle and harmony. That was the seed of the new album — to record locally, with some of my favorite musicians and people. I’m so happy to have Isa, as well as Eleanor Buckland and Mali Obomsawin (aka Lula Wiles) playing on this track! (Read more)

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Pro-Tips for Musicians Podcast (July 11, 2019)

Host Jim Henry talks with Lisa Bastoni. Lisa is the well-deserved 2019 winner of the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Songwriting contest. We have a great chat about the specifics of the contest, about her grandmother's guitar, and about performing. Plus we have some great laughs and even shed a few tears.

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The Tour Podcast (May 30, 2018)

Host Ted Canova talks with Lisa Bastoni who reclaims her musical identify after a decade away, a path repeatedly influenced by Bob Dylan, busking on subway platforms, recording an exceptional breakout album, balancing motherhood, and the mysteries of her late-grandmother’s half written songs. (Read more)