Lisa Bastoni


Lisa Bastoni is a Boston-based singer-songwriter. 

Her album The Wishing Hour will be released on January 27, 2017

Lisa Bastoni had a thriving singer-songwriter career going until she took a break to start a family with her husband, novelist Christopher Boucher. Now, after nearly ten years away from writing and performing, Bastoni returns to music with The Wishing Hour (January 27, 2017), an impressive new record produced by Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Felix McTeigue (Lori McKenna/Anais Mitchell/Martin Sexton). The album features Bastoni's longtime friend and collaborator, Red Sox organist Josh Kantor, as well as guest appearances by New West recording artists The Mastersons, singer Kelly Hogan (Neko Case/The Decemberists), Lula Wiles' Ellie Buckland, and John O'Reilly, Jr. (Mandy Moore/Jason Mraz).

While some of the elements of the album were recorded in different studios in New York and Nashville, all of the basic tracks at the heart of the album were recorded on a laptop in a corner of the kids' playroom of her Watertown, MA house in the wee hours of the night.

The ten tracks on this record -- including standouts "It's the Staying that Hurts," "Weightless" and "Wichita" -- are a collection of starkly honest, beautifully crafted, and ultimately uplifting timeless Americana songs. The album has already begun to receive airplay on WUMB (Boston), WFUV (New York) and a number of folk/Americana radio programs around the country. 

In the past, Bastoni has shared the stage with artists including Arlo Guthrie, Lori McKenna, Regina Spektor, and Little Big Town. She currently performs regularly in the Boston area and will be touring to select cities across the U.S. in support of the album's release.

"This is a gorgeous album - we love it!" Dave Palmater, WUMB

"Bastoni is certainly one of the finest local artists in Boston." Mike Newman, WMFO

"You are so talented. The whole world should hear your music." Christine Lavin






Thank you to the following stations that have already played tracks from The Wishing Hour:

WFUV (New York, NY)

WUMB (Boston, MA)

WMFO (Somerville, MA)

CKUT (Montreal, QC)

WJFF (Jefferson, NY)

WWUH (Hartford, CT)

WGDR (Plainfield, VT)

WNCS (Montpelier, VT)

WTMD (Baltimore, MD)


"This is a gorgeous album. " (Dave Palmater, WUMB)

"Bastoni is certainly one of the finest local artists in Boston." (Mike Newman, WMFO)

"I would call Lisa a “sweetheart” of our local music scene... and she most certainly is, but her uncanny ability to slip into the deepest and most vulnerable places of your heart to tell her stories is what makes her songwriting so special." (Tom Bianchi, 24Hour Music)

“The touch of humor in many of Lisa’s songs reaches out to listeners with a warm hand, inviting them to share in her smart and loving world view. She carefully crafts word and rhyme into simple, accessible renderings of complex experiences. Lisa is a born folksinger who has willingly played the subways and bars. The ease with which she connects with listeners reveals a genuine love of her life as a traveling troubadour. I bet she’ll be doing this for a long time to come. “ (Sarah Craig, Caffe Lena)

Press Quotes from Your First Sweetheart (2004)

“Lisa’s voice is flexible, full of feeling and intimate. Lyrically, Bastoni is gifted as well - she has a way of relating personal feelings and trails in a direct and affecting way - I believe and care about the situations she’s telling me about, and I miss each song when it’s finished.” (Americana-UK)

“Lisa Bastoni relies more on herself than a genre to make art, and the result is a solid record replete with good tunes and good vibes.” (Northeast Performer)

“Bastoni’s earthy voice befits the honesty and warmth of her music...With a keen visual sense that comes through in descriptive and sympathetic lyrics, Your First Sweetheart is a pleasant surprise.” (Miles of Music)

“Bastoni has traveled all the hard roads and ended up more hopeful than bitter. She has learned her craft and then set out to become more than just another singer/songwriter. These songs will make you want to share them with your friends and want to hear many more.” (Country Standard Time)

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by Lisa Bastoni and Felix McTeigue

Preview track from The Wishing Hour (release date: January 27, 2017).

Produced by Felix McTeigue and Drew Guido.

Lisa Bastoni (guitar, vocal), Josh Kantor (upright bass), Chris Masterson (guitar, vocal), Eleanor Whitmore (fiddle, vocal), John J. O'Reilly, Jr. (drums).